April holds a Ph.D. in Religion and Culture from The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. She has served as a pastor in both large and small parishes, most recently as the Minister of Worship and Arts at The Riverside Church in New York City. She currently serves as Affiliate Professor of Pastoral Care at The General Theological Seminary in NYC and as Director of Spiritual Formation at Brooklyn First Presbyterian Church. She is ordained in the American Baptist Churches, but was received as a lay person into The Episcopal Church in 2012 and relishes spending time crossing denominational, religious and cultural boundaries.

April has a background in music and was a professional harpist for most of her adult life, releasing 4 albums with her harp/bass/drums band, Harp 46, three of which spent time in the top ten on the World/New Age radio charts. Her background in the arts informs just about everything she does, including her most recent writing project, a memoir about her years as a queer, recently-divorced and nearly broke hospital chaplain. Her previous books, Secular Music, Sacred Space (Lexington Press, 2017) and Crossing Boundaries, Redefining Faith (Wipf and Stock, 2016) received positive reviews and have been used in seminary classrooms.

April lives in NYC with her super-queer partner, Lou, and her super-insightful son, Luke, along with Luke’s dad and his wife who live down the street. Together with many others she works on nurturing a non-traditional family, forming community, finding beauty in the ordinary and surviving the NYC subway. In her spare time, she takes long walks, provides spiritual direction, coaches women and LGBTQ-identified clergy and artists, and is learning the banjo.


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